Introduction to Virtual and Augmented Reality



Here’s a chance to get one up on the Grandchildren!

Jesse Clement’s “Intro to Virtual and Augmented Reality” starts in the stone age and ends in the modern era.  He presents the case for VR and AR not being intimidating technological oddities in their own spheres, but rather simply the next steps in the evolution of media.  The history of VR and AR is detailed in a highly participatory discussion.  Jesse tends to bring an Oculus Go unit (shown in the picture above) with him to demos so the audience can get hands-on with VR after the class.

About the Speaker:

Jesse Clement wears many hats, but his favourite is that of his lecturer position at the University of the Sunshine Coast.  After a long career as a Microsoft Systems Engineer he has been afforded the opportunity to research and teach into the emerging fields of virtual and augmented reality.  Having been obsessed with the field since the 90s, there is a great deal of repressed enthusiasm waiting to get out and his lectures tend to reflect this.  He also manages his own consulting business and serves as the director of information technology at Champion Life.

Check out this example of Augmented Reality

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