Rediscovering Poetry

Roo Whitehorn


There is a misapprehension that poetry is merely the pursuit of dry, academic intellectuals – not true!

To me, poetry is all about the expression of feelings, sensations, passions, love in all its forms, loss: in other words, life, death and the whole damn thing!

It is also love of language, love of life, nature, our deepest responses to being alive.

It is a sharing of all these elements and during the course I invite you to bring along your favourite poems for each of the sessions.

With the exception of Week 2, where I have named the poets to be presented, the other weeks will be poems from a variety of authors.

So, come along – join me in rediscovering poetry!

Week 1 – The Four Seasons





Week 2 – Women Poets, Ancient and Modern

Sappho (630-580 BCE  –  Ancient Greek)

Anne Bradestreet (1612-1672  –  American)

Zora Cross ((1890-1964  –  Australian)

Carol Ann Duffy (1955 to present  –  Scots)

Week 3 – Nature

Woods, Trees




Week 4 – Poems of China and Japan

Ancient Chinese Poems

Zen poetry

Haiku – (the group to have a go!)

Week 5 –  The Best Bad Poems

This week will be a fun session of “how not to write poetry” with glaringly bad offerings!

About the Tutor:

Literature, poetry and writing has always been a passion for Roo to the extent that she has had some poems and a short story published.