Management Committee Roles & Responsibilities


The Management Committee of U3A noosa comprises of 10 members. President,

Vice Presidents x 2, Secretary, Treasurer and 5 Committee members.

As a member of a Management Committee, you share the following responsibilities with

all Committee members:

  • Planning – establishing and reviewing annual business plans, long term strategic and month to month operational plans as necessary
  • Policy and decision making – establishing policies/procedures and record decisions and actions on matters concerning the organisation.
  • Management – making sure everyone does their job, that the organisation is properly administered, and that the Committee is actively involved in the activities of the group.
  • Legal – ensuring the organisation is incorporated, keeps proper records, and complies with any relevant legislation and the organisation’s constitution.
  • Financial – ensuring that all finances are properly managed, that records are audited annually and that accountability requirements of funding providers are fulfilled.
  • Evaluation – monitoring all activities by the organisation with feedback contributing to the continuous improvement in governance and service delivery to the Members.

As a member of the Management Committee, you should:

  • Act honestly and in good faith
  • Ensure the organisation carries out activities in accordance with its intended purpose
  • Act in the best interests of the overall organisation, Members and Staff volunteers.
  • Exercise powers for their proper use
  • Respect privacy and confidentiality of information obtained in the course of the operation of the organisation
  • Disclose potential conflicts as they arise and remove yourself from that particular discussion or decisions.
  • Fully support decisions made by the Management Committee. To be clear, in the event that you voted against a decision, once a decision is passed by the management committee, all members are expected to publicly and actively support the decision.
  • Adhere to the organisation’s Code of Conduct.

Each member of the Management Committee will have specific tasks identified for them.

The main roles of Executive Management Committee members is as follows:


  • Provides leadership of the organisation, leads the development and implementation of Business, Financial and Operational plans.
  • Ensures the Constitution is upheld at all times
  • Acts as a spokesperson for the organisation
  • Ensures the Management Committee fulfills accountability requirements, e.g. service agreements, funding requirements, etc
  • Stays in touch with other Management Committee members getting feedback, suggestions, enhancements, policy needs, resource needs, issues to be addressed etc.
  • In conjunction with the Vice Presidents, develops Policy and Procedures
  • Monitors and reviews organisational progress
  • Represents the organisation at significant community events
  • Maintains an effective relationship with the Membership community
  • Chairs Management Committee meetings and acts the final decision maker when voting is tied
  • Ensures meetings of the Management Committee are held and develops the Management Committee meeting agenda with the Secretary
  • In conjunction with the Secretary prepares and presents monthly reports and an annual report for the Management Committee.

Vice Presidents (2 positions)

  • Delegates for President as needed
  • Supports the President in day to day, week to week operational activities as needed.
  • Chairs sub committee’s appointed by the Management Committee. Note, all sub committees must be chaired by the Vice President or at a minimum, a Committee member
  • Ideally, one Vice President should be the Course Administrator, which encompasses all aspects of Course review/approval, suitability, tutor management, scheduling and operational elements of all courses.  This role is addressed in a separate Position Description due to its vital and extensive operational responsibilities. See Course Administrator Roles and Responsibilities
  • In conjunction with the President develops Policy and Procedures for Management Committee approval. Screens and reviews all Policies prior to Management Committee submission


  • Prepares and distributes to all Committee members, copies of agenda, reports and minutes of Committee meetings
  • Is familiar with the organisation’s constitution and applies correct meeting procedures
  • Assists the President to prepare and collate monthly agenda
  • Takes notes of key issues, discussion points and decisions, prepares accurate minutes and distributes to Management Committee members on a timely basis
  • Maintains a file of all signed, original copies of Minutes of Meeting
  • Keeps appropriate records in a safe place
  • Handles all correspondence as directed by the Executive management Committee.


  • Is responsible for handling the finances of the organisation
  • Develops Policy and Procedures for Management Committee approval for all Financial related matters and ensures regular review of those policies to ensure effectiveness and achievement of desired outcomes
  • Maintains appropriate Security protocols for all financial systems and records
  • Ensures true and accurate financial records
  • Ensures President is kept regularly informed of cash flow forecasts.
  • Ensures receipts are written for all money received and that monies are banked promptly
  • Ensures all accounts (e.g. invoices) are checked, authorised and paid prior to their due date
  • Ensures all payments are processed in accordance with organisational approved authorities
  • Keeps Management Committee regularly informed (monthly) of the organisation’s financial position
  • Ensures that the financial records are ready for the annual audit and prepare draft financial statement for audit
  • Prepares and presents Treasurers’ Report, Auditors’ Report and audited financial statements to Annual General Meeting.

Committee members

  • Support Executive Committee members by participating actively and constructively in Committee meetings
  • Be part of relevant sub committees and be an active and positive contributor to ensure desired outcomes are achieved within the allocated time frame.
  • Participate in discussions and decisions of the Management Committee in a proactive and positive way.
  • Support all decisions outside the Committee meetings
  • Volunteer to support organisational activities as time allows
  • Keep in touch with the staff, other Committee members and the Membership community
  • Contribute to strategic/operational planning processes and monitor performance
  • Ensure any tasks assigned are completed within designated time frames
  • Take part in induction and training sessions as required
  • Represent the organisation at significant community events

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