Cyberbullying, social connectedness, the brain and youth mental health

USC Monthly Talk – 29 May 2020, 1:15 p.m. for 1:30 start.

Presenter: Dr Larisa McLoughlin

Synopsis: This talk will discuss the important role of social connectedness in regards to young people who experience cyberbullying. Additionally, this talk will share the results of world-first research conducted here on the Sunshine Coast, around the brain and how it is affected by cyberbullying. Some strategies which can be used to help young people deal with cyberbullying will also be discussed.

About the Presenter

Dr Larisa McLoughlin, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Youth Mental Health, Sunshine Coast Mind & Neuroscience – Thompson Institute. BBSc (Hons), MA, Flin. PhD, S.Aust

Larisa has over 9 years’ experience conducting research on cyberbullying through 3 postgraduate qualifications (Honours, Masters, and Doctorate) and her previous work for ConNetica Consulting.

Larisa is currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Sunshine Coast Mind and Neuroscience Thompson Institute, working on the Longitudinal Adolescent Brain Study (LABS).

Larisa is also undertaking her own research investigating the neurobiological underpinnings of cyberbullying. Her research will use functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) to observe how the brain responds to witnessing cyberbullying. Larisa has developed CyPicS (Cyberbullying Picture Series) for use in this research.

Larisa’s postgraduate work focused on cyberbullying, namely the mental health outcomes associated with it, as well help seeking and coping behaviours of young people. Her PhD was under a scholarship by the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre, and Larisa was a key team member for the Safe and Well Online Study at UniSA, led by Associate Professor Barbara Spears.

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