Education Ideas from April 2020 Newsletter

Ideas you can share with your children and other care-givers looking after children during this coronavirus crisis



The QLD Education Department is providing two-week units of learning for students to complete at their own pace and are available for download.

The site is a little challenging when navigating your way around it but worth the effort. The lesson plans are very detailed and tend to use teacher jargon. Don’t worry. My advice would be to get a feel of the website and pick and choose the parts that make sense and that you think your child will enjoy.

Additional online resources are available for Queensland state school students through the Learning Place website using the student’s log in. This is the same logon and password that students use to log onto the computers in their classrooms.

  •     Scholastic learns at home

Scholastic is providing free resources for school closures. The site has three weeks’ worth of daily projects and activities which are aligned to grade levels covering English, Maths, Science and more. It is quite user-friendly and interactive.

  • Bravery Mag

If you’re up for a greater challenge, Bravery Mag (Kids magazine for 5 to 12-year-old) has released a home school curriculum focusing on the life of assorted brave women with relevant projects, fun DIYs and educational activities.  All free and you don’t need the magazine for most of the activities. Featured women include Zaha Hadid (Iraqi architect) and Mary Anning (palaeontologist). The Mag empowers children to become their own kind of brave.

  • Kids News is also offering free daily school-day education tasks and fun activities to help learn at home. The activities have been tailored for students in Prep to Grade 2; Years 3-4; Years 5-6; and Years 7-9 to allow for age-based learning. The resource has been created by teachers and is linked to the Queensland Curriculum.

You tube:

They can choose any topic followed by the word “YouTube”

e.g. counting YouTube; exercise kids YouTube


You can source board games, books and puzzles cheaply on Buy, Swap and Sell Facebook groups that cover the local area. To avoid contact and keep the social distancing, perhaps you could negotiate with the seller to place the items next to or in their letter box where you will leave the money in an envelope or you could even do a bank transfer on the spot.

Look on the bright side!  Make this time special. Do projects together such as filming a movie about your family or learning to cook a meal. Share stories about your childhood and teach them games you enjoyed as a kid. If possible, create a routine by setting a simple daily timetable with a mix of learning, play, family and free time. All the best.

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