Creative Writing

Creative Writing with Sylvia Bell

Language Room 12:30 – 14:30 commencing 22 September 2020

When asked to write a synopsis of this course Sylvia responded with the following insight into what participants can look forward to: –

“From my earliest writing days, I realised the most essential part of storytelling is imagery and if mentoring someone I encourage it as an integral part of that.

I liken it to the little girl who takes her pet turtle to school for “show and tell”, describing its habits, food source, habitat and why they like their pet.

There is more to reveal in my writing and I don’t know where the next part of my writing journey is taking me, but I do know I want to share it with other likeminded people who are open to learning more – and beyond. I believe writing emulates the rhythms of life, creating the other life of the mind. Of something new and learned”

About the Tutor

Sylvia is a self-taught writer with a wealth of knowledge gained from writing poems, short stories and maintaining journals over her eventful life.


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