Saving Borneo’s Sun Bears

When Sarah Pye went to Borneo to see orangutans, little did she know it would lead her on a seven-year journey to help Malaysian ecologist Dr Wong Siew Te in his quest to save a very different species. The results include a global adoption program, a relationship between USC and the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre, an honorary doctorate for Wong and a book, which is soon to be released.


Sarah is a Doctor of Creative Arts. Her biographic research doesn’t include endless hours in dusty libraries poring over ancient manuscripts and crinkled news cuttings. Nothing could be further from the truth as Sarah delves into the life of Dr Wong Siew Te and the sun bears, he saves. Sarah’s personal journey of discovery includes stories of leaky gum boots, remote helicopter expeditions, incense smoked Buddhist temples, heart-pumping rejection letters and momentous goodbyes. In this afternoon of excitement, Sarah will take you along for the journey.

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