Exercise to prevent the development and recurrence of some cancers: latest ideas and recommendations.

Biography – Professor David Jenkins PhD

David Jenkins is Professor of Sport and Exercise Science in the School of Health and Behavioural Sciences at The University of the Sunshine Coast.  He also holds an adjunct appointment at The University of Queensland, where he worked for 30 years prior to 2020. Professor Jenkins is an exercise physiologist who has researched and published across a wide range of areas.  He is the chief investigator of an NHMRC funded grant investigating the influence of peer support on adherence to exercise with cancer survivors.

I will speak about how exercise has the potential to improve outcomes for cancer survivors – explaining the various physiological mechanisms that scientists believe are responsible for the reduced risk of recurrence with breast and colon cancer particularly.  I will also speak about the latest research that has examined the relationship between exercise and prostate cancer.  In terms of practical recommendations, I will give examples of the types of exercise that, as we age, will best protect us against the development of a number of diseases, cancer included

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