Kev Franzi – The Package


“The Package” vividly illustrates many highlights in a lifetime of discovering the wonder – the wonder of human achievement.

It illustrates the value of capturing and preserving these highlights of a unique journey to hopefully inspire another generation of Image Makers.

About the Speaker

This year Kev Franzi is celebrating 76 years working in the Australian film industry mostly as a documentary filmmaker and photojournalist – with a few years in TV drama as Senior Film Editor at Crawford Productions on Homicide, Division 4, Hunter, Showcase and numerous documentaries. Starting at the age of 14 as a “Message Boy”, Kev worked his way through every department of filmmaking from Laboratory Assistant to Writer, Cameraman, Director and Producer to Owner/Presenter of CinemaWorks at Kenilworth. His forte is Industrial Filmmaking and his passion is capturing and showcasing our Australian Image — past, present and future. His greatest joy? – “The work of –and association with — the brilliantly talented people I met on this journey”

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