The Art of Photography

‘The art of photography’ by Jim Brownett

I would invite the audience on a journey to examine the art of photography in a modern context.

A brief look at the history of the medium and raise such questions as; Why do we choose photography to communicate? What is the purpose? Does it work? Can we reference early photographers for direction? The technology vs concept. How is instantaneity changing our perception and methodologies in photography?

Is photography a litmus for our sociology?    

This as a fun interactive discussion. Significant points may come from the audience, giving currency and value to their own voice as photographers.

About the Speaker:

Jim is a professional advertising photographer and art educator. He has assisted many clients to achieve their financial and business goals creating visuals which sell. Jim’s parallel career as a sessional academic at various universities has been his joy of sharing his love of art and photography. Jim is now retired on the Sunshine Coast. He holds three Masters Degrees and has won the most prestigious award in photography; The Hasselblad Masters’. 

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