Intermediate Acrylic Art February 2022

Tutor: Noela Flack

Atmospheric Perspective”

9.30am – 12 noon

Friday  4th February –  11th March 2022 –  Margaret Christie Studio

Materials list as Follows:

Canvas no smaller than 60cm x 70cm (larger if possible)

Paint:   Atelier is best but buy what you can afford

Paint colours:     Alizarine Crimson

                              Red Gold

                              French Ultramarine Blue

                              Olive Green

                              Cadmium Yellow Light

                              Burnt Umber

                              Titanium White

  Atelier Clear Painting Medium

 10cm foam roller

 Cardboard (old appointment cards)


 Plates for palette

 Assortment of brushes

 Cloth (not kitchen wipe) for wiping brushes

The canvas will be put flat on the table initially and then on a ‘standing’ easel.

Sign up at Reception

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