Money doesn’t grow on trees


Money doesn’t grow on trees

But where does money come from?

Money is such an important part of our lives that it is perhaps surprising that there is such widespread misunderstanding of the monetary system. Money is central to many economic, social and political debates, yet such debates are littered with myths and misinformation. This talk will dig into the workings of the national and international monetary systems to unmask some of these myths. It seems that the rich and powerful do not want us to understand how this system works, lest we realise that the system has been designed for the benefit of the few. The possibilities that emerge from this unmasking are far reaching and deserve informed public debate.

About the presenter:

Dr Ian Richards has a PhD is computer science and a keen interest in politics. He is a regular presenter at U3A.  He is not an economist (which he considers an advantage!) nor a financial adviser. He reads widely and enjoys “getting to the bottom of issues” and sharing his findings to others

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