Shakespeare for Groundlings 2022


Susan Roberts

MONDAY, 9 May – 20 June 2022 (7 weeks)

Margaret Christie Studio


At the beginning of this session a video of the play will be shown to familiarise members with plot and characters. Then in the following weeks, reading of the play and discussion on content – what does the plot convey to members etc – no right or wrong interpretation.

No prior knowledge of Shakespeare required. Just bring along your enthusiasm.

The first play we groundlings will be exploring, THE MERCHANT OF VENICE

You will need a copy of the play for the 2nd week.

SHAKESPEARE FOR GROUNDLINGS*                                                                                        

(Groundlings paid one penny to stand in the pit and watch the performance)

Once reading of the play is completed, for those with ‘open minds’ we’ll watch a documentary connecting the play to SIR FRANCIS BACON.

We will work our way, at a leisurely pace, through as many plays as possible before U3A semester break.

In 1978, the BBC filmed all of Shakespeare’s plays for television.  The resulting productions (of which I have the boxed set) are renowned for their accuracy to the text.

After much research, I believe that Sir Francis Bacon is the author Shakespeare. However, members are encouraged to voice their opinion regarding other candidates for the crown of literature.


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