A Shakespeare Experience for Groundlings

Margaret Christie Studio


At the beginning of the session a video of the play will be shown to familiarise members with plot and characters. Then in the following weeks, reading of the play and discussion on content – what does the plot convey to members etc – no right or wrong interpretation.

No prior knowledge of Shakespeare required. Just bring along your enthusiasm.

The first play we groundlings will be exploring, Love’s Labour’s Lost, is a play of witty banter and little plot, written during the early part of Shakespeare’s literary career. First performed 1594-95, first printed 1598.


You will need a copy of the play LOVES LABOUR’S LOST for the 2nd week.



(Groundlings paid one penny to stand in the pit and watch the performance)

Once reading of the play Loves, Labour’s Lost is completed then we’ll start a new one using the same formula.

We will work our way, at a leisurely pace, through as many plays as possible before U3A closes for Christmas.