Backgammon 2021

Damon Parker


Games Room


Damon loves to teach and also to play games, so it seems appropriate to combine those two passions. Backgammon helped him learn to count a long time ago when he was young and again 15 years ago, after losing his sight and sustaining permanent
injuries due to an accident.
The game can be competitive, yet, is more about having fun whilst playing, and Damon think he can truly help people to learn the beauty of the game. He’s played for more than thirty-seven years, and taught more than eighty people to play and enjoy backgammon, which Iis thought to be the oldest game known to the western world. Damon now Visually impaired, but learnt the game whilst sighted. He now plays in his mind; and not too badly we have been told.
Damon is looking forward to making new friends, who also wish to learn this great game, and he’s especially excited to share his knowledge.