Digital Revolution

Dr Ian Richards



The Digital Revolution

We are in the midst of the biggest revolution since the Industrial Revolution. The development of digital technology has accelerated since the middle of the last century and continues apace. It seems that everything is now digital. We have progressed from telegraph to twitter, from cinemas to Netflix and from mail order to online shopping. Over less than a century, the digital revolution had transformed the way we work, communicate, shop, play and relax. It seems there no end in sight. Before long computers may interact directly with our brains and we may even live in virtual digital worlds

This course will present much of the history of the digital revolution including the development of computers and the internet, smartphones, social media and artificial intelligence. We shall discuss the profound economic and social implications, including massive changes to careers, threats to privacy, the rise of computer crime and the undermining of democracies. We shall also consider the possible future implications of the merging of artificial intelligence and biotechnology.

Course note will be available after each weeks lecture – use the following link:!Aot79lwaMCJPgalqwjdj3PgVThp5MA?e=QCml0Y

About the Tutor:

Dr Ian Richards gained a PhD in Computer Science and has worked for many decades in the IT industry and in academia. He was at the forefront of the introduction of the internet into Australian in the 1980s and has developed software primarily in the telecommunications domain. Most recently Ian has lectured in computer science at both the University of Southern Queensland and the University of the Sunshine Coast.