Drawing with Jim Brownett

Jim Brownett

Margaret Christie Studio

Drawing is about seeing. Increasing our ability to interpret our environment into a two-dimensional artwork.

This creative drawing course will give the participants heightened perception of detail, perspective, volume, and merge critical art elements in drawing groundwork for painting and other art forms.

Materials needed:

­­­Pencils; 2B, 4B, 6B,

A Stanley Knife or similar blade cutter (used for sharpening pencils). People who bring pencils sharpeners will be sent outside… :0)

A Kneaded Rubber and a White Eraser Rubber.

Drawing paper: The cheaper the better while learning. Tewantin Newsagency sells a Butchers Paper Ream… This is 50 sheets 84x56cm for $12. You will need to find/make a backing board and get two large bulldog clips to hold the sheets. Any firm, scrap timber or board will do.

Other experimental materials will be included as we progress.   

About Jim Brownett

Jim’s career is Creativity. He holds Masters’ Degrees in Art and Adult Education, teaching creative drawing and life drawing for over thirty years.