Energy and the Planet 2020 – An insight into the Earth’s climate

John Turner

Language Room

In this course you will study how science is used to discover the basic laws of nature.  Can these laws explain the energy changes in the atmosphere?  Do these changes affect the Earth’s temperature?  No previous knowledge of science is required just a curiosity, a willingness to ask questions and to participate in the discussions. The course aims to improve your understanding of basic science concepts such as: energy, matter, heat, work, temperature, radiation, gases, atoms, molecules, ions, force, gravitational fields, magnetic fields to enable you to evaluate whether the Earth’s climate could be controlled by the emissions of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels or whether it is driven by the natural cycles of the Sun.

You will learn about: the Nature of Science; the Greenhouse Effect; how a greenhouse works; the temperature of a gas; the carbon atom; the CO2 molecule; CO2 and Life; CO2 and Energy; the life cycles of stars; the Birth of the Solar System; the orbit of the Sun; climate cycles; the chemistry of the oceans; CO2 and the Great Barrier Reef; the origins of the IPCC; the Electrical Age; Renewable energy; Nuclear energy.

 About the Tutor

John has a degree in Science with majors in Physics and in Chemistry, a Master’s degree with first class honours in Science Education and a post graduate diploma in computers and the teaching of digital electronics.  He has taught HSC Physics; was the inaugural Science Adviser for the NSW Dept. of Education Centre for Research in Measurement and Evaluation, was a member of the NSW Science Syllabus Committee, has lectured in Science Education at university and was a Member of the Australian Institute of Physics.