Intermediate Acrylic Art

Tutor: Noela Flack

Margaret Christie Studio

“Atmospheric Perspective”

Subject:   Atmospheric Perspective

The art of creating atmospheric distance using muted colours and soft toning’s.   We will be painting mountains, fields, bushland and, maybe, some Australian fauna.

Materials –   Acrylic paint – Atelier is an excellent paint, however, I also use bottles of Chromacryl paint.

Colours –   Alizarine Crimson, Red Gold or Cadmium Yellow deep, Cadmium Yellow Light, French Ultramarine Blue, Titanium White, Olive Green, Burnt Umber.

Atelier Clear Painting Medium

Two 10cm foam rollers (or more) – from cheap shops

Plates for paint

Assortment of brushes

Cloth for wiping brushes.

Canvas –   I will be using 80cm x 100cm (approx.) (canvases smaller than 60cm x 70cm just won’t t work for this design)