Medieval Mysteries

Michele Mycock


Margaret Christie Studio


Analysis of Richard III’s DNA has uncovered 2 cases of illegitimacy in his family tree. We will examine evidence to see if they occurred between the reigns of Edward III to Richard III; because if so, both Richard III & his brother Edward IV had less right to the throne of England than believed at the time.

We will try to solve the mystery of whether the 1487 Battle of Stoke was really for Edward V (prince in the tower) and whether Lambert Simnel was a plant.

We will examine other unrelated evidence as to whether Edward II really was murdered in Berkeley Castle or escaped; and whether Edward III knew the body at the his father’s funeral was a fake.

About the Tutor:

In making long-dead people ‘come alive’ a Level 1, HSC History teacher ignited my life-long passion for history & decided my career; senior school teacher in History & Physical Education. Visits to British & European historical sites & documents deepened interest & my discovery of a largely unknown illegitimacy in a royal dynastic line has been favourably received by two eminent historians.