Reading Shakespeare

Robin Mouat

07 5442 4172


Our Group (RSG) reads and studies each of Shakespeare’s plays roughly in the order in which they were written.

We begin each play by watching the standard BBC productions on video then we read the play and explore the many aspects of Shakespeare’s creativity. Interesting or oblique sections are discussed as we proceed, but without becoming too academic.

The emphasis of our studies always remains on the plays as theatre.

We do not require that the readings qualify as acting although any attempts at characterisation are welcomed.

When reading of each play is completed we view snippets from less conventional modern and historical or alterative productions of the plays.

Each play is supported with written background notes distributed weekly to members by email.

Those who have any interest in Shakespeare will be welcome to try a visit to the Group to test the water and anyone who was turned off the Bard by unimaginative teachers in their youth may be surprised by just how much fun can be had in re-discovering Shakespeare.

As a rewarding activity, to save the brain from early death, it comes highly recommended and we hardly ever even mention iambic pentameter!


About the Course Administrator: Robin Mouat

An early introduction to Shakespeare by an inspired schoolteacher led to my lifelong interest and participation in the performing arts.  Shakespeare always remained at the centre of my theatrical interests.  At University, my involvement in the amateur drama group sometimes prevailed over my academic activities and led me to a long period, post university, of participation in several major theatre groups in Sydney. My experiences there included acting, directing and stage work on modern plays as well as productions of some of Shakespeare’s better known plays.

I now expand my interest in Shakespeare by acting as a coordinator for the group and as facilitator, when required, to take the fascinating journey of discovery offered by some of the most important works in the English language.