Spooky Strangeness

Roo Whitehorn

Margaret Christie Studio

Well, as the name suggests, this is a melange of all things spooky, scary, weird and wonderful! So come along and join in the hilarity – don’t forget your ghost-busting gear and have a change of fur!!

Week 1 – The Ghost of Guyra – Poltergeist

Historical Horrors

Robert Hardy’s “Castle Ghosts of the British Isles” – England

Week 2 – The History and Mystery of the Werewolf

“The Undeparted”

Week 3 – The Cottingley Fairies

Hardy’s Ghosts 2nd ep – Ireland

Week 4 – Min Min Lights

Hardy’s Ghosts 3rd ep – Scotland

Week 5 – The Abduction of Kelly Cahill – UFO Abductee 

Hardy’s Ghosts 4th ep – Wales

Week 6 – Ghost Film – documentary presented by Warwick Moss