Weird Australia

Roo Whitethorn 

Margaret Christie Studio

Come and join me in walking the roads of high strangeness – you think we live in an “ordinary” world – I’ve got news for you!! So come and share in exploring things that scream, howl, go bump in the night, appear and disappear and ALL sorts of bizarre and creepy happenings!

I also encourage you to share any strange or spooky experiences you have had – all weirdness is welcome!! 

Week 1

Haunted Houses/Theatres

Monte Cristo

Princess Theatre

ACT Film and Sound Archives

Ghost of Guyra

Week 2

Strange Disappearances/Strange Roads

Ludwig Leichhardt

Frederick Valentich, TAS

New England Highway

Lake George Mysteries

Week 3

Haunted Asylums/Hospitals

Beechworth Asylum, NSW

Aradale Lunatic Asylum, SA

Adelaide Children’s Hospital

Sydney Hospital

Week 4

UFO’s Over Oz/Alien Abduction

Nightmare on the Nullabor

Vanished in the Great Sandy Desert

Childers’ Chills, QLD 

Kelly Cahill’s Abduction

Week 5

Aussie Cryptids 

Yowies Abominable,

 Potato-head Man 

The Monster of Lake St Clair, 

Mysterious Big Cats