Art Appreciation 2024

Course Coordinator Alan Roberts


Margaret Christie Studio

This new Art Appreciation class will explore the world of art, primarily through documentary and film in a dynamic and engaging way. These documentaries will provide valuable insights into the lives of artists, the historical and cultural context of artworks, and the evolution of art movements.

During semester one we will focus on Impressionist Artists with further art movements included at a later stage. There will be ample opportunity to debate and discuss the artist and their art. In addition to a major artist being portrayed, two additional short films will be shown in the second half of the class which will focus on a particular art subject, for example a painting, sculpture or an artist community. These short films will contrast with the main subject of the lesson to provide a broader exposure to the world of art.

It is also hoped that local artists will join us to discuss their art and provide an insight into their motivations, inspirations and technique’s.

Semester 1 – 2024 – The Impressionists


Date Artist
12-Mar-24 Toulose Letrec
  + Thomas Gainsborough painting Explained
  + Caravaggio’s Taking of Christ Great Art Explained
19-Mar-24 Paul Cezanne
  +The Arnolfini Portrait by Jan Van Eyck Great Art Explained
  +Vincent Van Gogh’s The Starry Night Great Art Explained
26-Mar-24 Renoir
  +Gustav Klimt and The Nazi Aesthetic Great Art Cities Vienna
  +The Scream Great Art Explained.
2-Apr-24 Monet
  +Frida Kahlo’s ‘The Two Fridas’ Great Art Explained
  +Picasso’s Guernica Great Art Explained.
9-Apr-24 Manet
  +Georgia O’Keeffe Great Art Explained
  +The Raft of the Medusa by Théodore Géricault Great Art Explained
16-Apr-24 Pissarro
  +Great Art Cities Explained Paris
  +Mona Lisa  Great Art Explained
23-Apr-24 Degas
  +Great Art Cities Explained London
  +Nighthawks by Edward Hopper Great Art Explained
30-Apr-24 Bonnard
  +His First (And Best) Realist Painting
  +Three Michelangelos in Florence Great Art Cities.mp4
7-May-24 Gauguin
14-May-24 Mattise
  +René Magritte Great Art Explained
  +The Failure of Surrealism
21-May-24 Mary Cassatt
  +Berthe Morisot French Impressionism Paintings History Artist
  +The Politics of Pointillism
28-May-24 Van Gogh
  + Yayoi Kusama Great art Explained
  + Jean-Michel Basquiat’ Great Art Explained