Terms & Conditions of Membership

As a self-funded, member-based organisation, U3A noosa expects that all members, tutors and other volunteers will behave in a courteous and civilised manner in all dealings relevant to U3A noosa.

As a member, you therefore agree to abide by the following terms and conditions.

1.    Participate in a friendly and positive way at all times.

2.    Show respect, courtesy and consideration to everyone you deal with in U3A noosa.

3.   Wear the U3A noosa lanyard at all times whilst participating in a U3A noosa class or activity

4.   Be punctual and reliable in attending U3A noosa courses/events/office rosters or other commitments; and forewarning of unavoidable absences, withdrawals from courses, events or volunteer commitments.

5.    Observing strict confidentiality regarding organisational and members’ personal information to which you may have access; never disclosing contact details of any U3A noosa member or tutor to anyone without their permission.

6.    Avoiding all forms of discriminatory behaviour in regard to nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, culture, religion, age and mental or physical capacity.

7.    Preserving the well being and safety of members and the organisation by abiding by any directive or prerequisite specified by tutors or event organisers for that participation.

8.    Not causing any wilful damage to U3A noosa premises, materials, facilities or equipment.

9.    Promoting U3A noosa in a positive way, refraining from harming the organisation’s reputation or relationships by inappropriate comment or procedures.

10.    Abiding by this and all other U3A noosa policies and procedures.

11. All membership for the first year is provisional and can be revoked at the discretion of the committee.

12. Following the U3A noosa Grievance Policy & Procedure (outlined below.) 

Grievance Policy and Procedure

This policy statement is underpinned by the preceding terms and conditions and applies to all members.

The grievance procedure outlined in this document seeks to provide a mechanism to deal with issues that may arise regarding the activities or operations of the organisation, internally and in relation to other bodies, especially those matters arising from non-observance of the terms and conditions. Any issues should be directed in writing to the company secretary of U3A noosa at email :  management@u3anoosa.com.au

Complaints and grievance issues

Issues that may arise could involve:

1.    room bookings, room and equipment usage

2.    a tutor and a course member(s)

3.    reception volunteer and operational matters

4.    course enrolments and event bookings

5.    matters related to organisation of and participation in events

6.    any other dissatisfaction a member may have about their dealings with U3A noosa

Policy Statement

This grievance procedure aims to achieve conciliation and the resolution of complaints quickly with fairness, care and understanding. Confidentiality of all parties will be preserved; only those people with a specific role in the procedure will be involved.

There is an expectation that if it is a class matter, parties should first seek to directly resolve any concerns or grievances between themselves, with the tutor or the tutor coordinator.

Any matters of grievance concerning the activities, tutors, volunteers or members (including the Management Committee) of U3A should be reported and documented within ten working days.

Formal Grievance Procedure

1.    A formal written complaint should be made, by a member or other party, by letter or email directed to the U3A noosa company secretary for presentation at the next meeting of the Management Committee. Email address is: management@u3anoosa.com.au

2.    The Committee may nominate a member of U3A noosa to be the grievance officer.

3.    A meeting will be organised between the grievance officer and the person(s) alleging the grievance to ascertain facts/views, in an attempt to find common ground and a resolution.

4.    Individual written grievance reports from the above meeting(s) will be presented to the Management Committee and treated as confidential.

5.    If the grievance is of a criminal nature it will be forwarded immediately to the relevant authorities.

6.    The company secretary will keep written records of all formal grievances processes. The record will include the details of all actions taken to resolve the grievance and the outcome of these actions.

7.    If no resolution is reached, the grievance officer may refer to the Management Committee for a decision. The Management Committee’s decision is final.