Meditation Theory & Practice

Liz Hansen


Students:  2 – 20

Meditation – the theory and the practice.

There is overwhelming scientific evidence that a simple daily practice of meditation has a range of health benefits and provides a key to a happier life. In this course we will discuss why this is so, and experience various techniques and practices of meditation, with the goal of finding something that works for you. We will cover:

  • Understanding the stress response and the antidotes
  • Mindfulness
  • Guided meditation
  • Having fun with it as we learn together

Introducing Liz Hansen:

Believing herself to be terrible at meditating (don’t we all) Liz regardless found herself giving it a try to help manage a stress related illness. It was so effective she undertook studies in relaxation and meditation, notably with the Gawler Foundation. She now has a decade of experience teaching courses and retreats, and is passionate about sharing how meditation is for anyone willing to give it a try. Her background in Speech Pathology, running a family business and HR management, as well as a long time yoga practice, combine to guarantee a caring and inclusive experience in her classes.