Military History

Margaret Christie Studio


Alan Roberts

The outline for the course is:

The causes of war, the social and cultural foundations, military doctrine on each side, the logistics, leadership, technology, strategy, and tactics used, and how these changed over time.  The details of battles, equipment, personalities and personal experiences are included. Also, moral issues such as the Just War Theory which discusses the moral dimensions of warfare, and how to better limit the destructive reality caused by war and seeks to establish a doctrine of military ethics.

The scope will be:

Military History worldwide and the time frame from the ancient to the modern. I.e. from the Trojan War to the Afghan war.

2024 Topics: (Updated 17/03/24)

Day Date Presenter Subject
Monday 11-Mar-24 Alan Roberts Israel Gaza Conflict
Monday 18-Mar-24 Alan Roberts Ukraine Update
Monday 25-Mar-24 Neil Dearburg Aussies in Palestine
Monday 1-Apr-24 Easter Monday Public Holiday
Monday 8-Apr-24 Shawn Fitz-Gerald Rhodesia War 1967-1979
Monday 15-Apr-24 Ron Sutton DUKW’s of Noosa
Monday 22-Apr-24 John McCawley Two Qld Infantry Battalions
Monday 29-Apr-24 Jerry McBrien The Australian Frontier Wars
 on the Sunshine Coast
Monday 6-May-23 Labour Day Public Holiday
Monday 13-May-24 Ken Lynn Battle of Guadalcanal
Monday 20-May-24 Simon Klapish Raid on Entebbe
Monday 27-May-24 Alan Roberts Israel Gaza what’s Iran doing?
Monday 3-Jun-24 David Manning Gordan of Khartoum
Monday 10-Jun-24 Alan Roberts Ukraine Update
Monday 17-Jun-24 Geoff Gill Film
Monday 24-Jun-24 Semester Break  
Monday 1-Jul-24 Semester Break  
Monday 8-Jul-24 Paul Ryan Crimean War 1853-1856
Monday 15-Jul-24 Greg Passmore Spartacus
Monday 22-Jul-24 Kathy Mitchell Ferry Command
Monday 29-Jul-24 Jerry McBrien A Historian’s Holiday Snaps
Monday 5-Aug-24 David Garwood My Naval Career
Monday 12-Aug-24 Darrell Roche The Romans at war
Monday 19-Aug-24 Donald Mckill My life in the Royal Marines
Monday 26-Aug-24 Alan Roberts History of Submarines
Monday 2-Sep-24 Russell Paten Researching your Military Ancestry