Sustainability Class 2024

Dr Ian Richards



Sustainability has become a key consideration in most human activities. But like words such as “eco”, “organic” and “green”, the word “sustainable” has been widely abused. What does it really mean? At its core, ecological sustainability concerns the way that humans organise their civilization, including energy use, food production, housing, transport and the economy. And the choices we make could not be more vital because they will impact the prospects for human civilization to continue in the medium to long term. This course is an adaptation of a course given by Dr. Richards at the University of Southern Queensland over many years. It will consider various sustainability definitions and principles, applying them to many contemporary sustainability issues.

Course Presentations:!Aot79lwaMCJPgbFseST_kMhU4_Z2ew?e=BdHDCr

About the tutor:

Ian studied physics at Monash University in the 1970s and went on to do a doctorate in computer science. Before retiring to Pomona, Ian was a lecturer at the University of Southern Queensland in computing and later in sustainability.