Document Management Policy


U3A noosa is committed to continually improving our operations across the organisation for the benefit of our members and staff. Due to the nature of our operations being 100% voluntary, there is a need to have relevant standards to maintain consistency for day to day operations. In addition, there can be a high turnover of management committee members and staff. Document protocols, storage and retention is therefore critical to efficient ongoing operations where consistent standards can be applied.


The purpose of this policy is to outline the guiding principles for Document Management of U3A noosa documentation, including photos, videos, images and all media in general.


This policy applies to all Staff of U3A noosa, regardless of their roles or responsibilities within the organisation. (Management Committee, Tutors, Volunteers)

Policy Statement

  • Commencing in 2019 all official documents and media in general will be maintained in electronic form. This is the default position unless a paper copy is required for legal reasons.


  • All documents that originate on paper will be converted (where necessary) to electronic format for storage and retention. Once the document is converted it may be destroyed.


  • All documents will be stored in a central location called U3A noosa Cloud (hereinafter called the Cloud) which will have appropriate access and security controls


  • Nothing in this policy negates any rights set out in the Constitution


  • This policy does not preclude staff from printing hard copies of documents to assist in their day to day operational duties


  • The Secretary will oversee this Policy and is the first point of contact for any queries or issues regarding the interpretation or otherwise. For example, what should be held as a Paper copy or what hard copy documents should be destroyed.


Document Retention

Documents will be retained for periods specified by Management Committee and if not specified, the default retention period will be a minimum of 7 years.

Official Documents (examples not a comprehensive list)   

  • Documents to be maintained by law or our Constitution
  • Management Committee Meeting Minutes
  • Annual & Financial Reports
  • Official Correspondence
  • Contractual Agreements
  • Key Images or Video
  • Official Publications
  • Policy & Procedure documents/Manuals
  • Forms and Templates
  • Handbooks/Instructional manuals
  • Forms and Templates
  • Operational Procedures or Processes


Document Title

            The author may determine the document title

  Document naming conventions

  • Where relevant documents should use a standard naming convention as follows:

Document Name Vx.x where V is version and x.x the number based standard version control protocols

Version 1.0 First Draft by Martin Ashworth
Version 1.1 Second Draft by Martin Ashworth
Version 1.2 Approved Version Published


Approval and Amendment History Details
Version No 1.2
Approval Authority This Document Management Policy was adopted by the Management Committee and minuted as such, on 8 April  2019
Amendment History 15th Feb 19. First draft of policy by Martin Ashworth

27th Feb 19. Added additional sections. Approvals and Related Policies

Amendment Authority and Date This <insert policy name> Policy was amended by the Management Committee and minuted as such, on Day Month Year

Records Management

Insert document name and storage location here. Refer to Document Management Policy and Procedure for naming standards.

The version number must be included in the document file name and the file name MUST be inserted in the footer of the document left hand side

For Example:

            U3A noosacloud\public\policies\namepolicyV1.0.docx

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