Management Committee Code of Conduct Policy


U3A noosa is committed to managing the operations and the long-term future in an efficient and professional manner for all the stakeholders, members, staff, volunteers and the general community we serve.


This Code of Conduct has been compiled to establish acceptable professional, ethical and legally compliant standards for all members of the Management Committee


  • Management Committee for observance.


  • This policy also applies to any representative(s) appointed by the Committee to undertake an activity or project on their behalf. Specifically, any sub committees that may be formed from time to time.


  • All other stakeholders (staff, volunteers, broader general community) for their information on the standards they can expect from the duly elected committee representatives.

Policy Statement

It is expected that all Management Committee members will:

  • Be diligent in their role.
  • Attend Management Committee meetings or forward their apology to the Secretary prior to the meeting.
  • Prepare for the meeting by reading the agenda/information package prior to the meetings.
  • Talk to the chair or other relevant committee person before the meeting if they need to clarify anything.
  • Participate actively and fully in the meeting. Contribute positively and constructively to the discussions.
  • Listen to what others say and keep an open mind.
  • Arrive on time, stay to the end.
  • Speak one at a time
  • Discourage side conversations
  • Help others concentrate on the meeting
  • Fulfil any responsibilities assigned at the meeting and be prepared to report back on progress at the next meeting.
  • Maintain fiduciary/legal responsibilities and make decisions based on what is best for the organisation, not for individual interest or gain.
  • Not take advantage of the position on the Committee in any way.
  • Declare any Conflicts of interest as they arrive and act to ensure that these conflicts do not pose a risk to the organisation or you.
  • Act as a positive role model.
  • Always represent U3A in a professional manner.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality. Business conducted by the committee may often require to be discussed and actioned with others outside the meeting. If a matter is to remain Confidential outside of the Committee the Chair of the meeting will state this to be the case.
  • Once decisions are made by the Management Committee, fully support those decisions regardless of your stated position, view or vote.


Procedures are not deemed necessary for this policy.


Approval and Amendment History Details
Version No 1.3
Approval Authority This Management Committee Code of Conduct Policy was adopted by the Management Committee and minuted as such on 8 April 2019.
Amendment History 25 Mar2019. Initial Draft of Policy by Martin Ashworth

28 Mar 2019. Included Records Management and Related Policies information.

1st Apr 2019. Cleaned up document. Formatting, punctuation and sentence structure. Ready for review and approval.

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